Saint Ann Catholic Church

Warsaw, Missouri



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May 10, 1947

The Alter Society of Saint Ann’s Church met May 10, at the home of the president, Miss Delia Altmiller

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. In the absence of the treasurer, Mrs. R C. Myers, Vice President, read the financial report which was approved: Balance in treasury $38.75 with all bills paid excepting for tabernacle veil material.

Miss Altimller, President, announced a first annual picnic in recognition of the first year of work by the paster, Rev. B. J. Walton; Time, Sunday, May 18th at either J. C. Hirsch or Ernest Huseh homes. Food lists were compiled and sistributed.

The president read the annual report of the work done in Saint Ann’s parish the past year.

The motion was made and seconded that the Holy Name Society be requested to arrange for addition to the church building to care for coal and a rest room immediately. Motion carried.

The election of officers resulted in choosing Miss Delia Altmiller, President’ Mrs. R. C. Myers, Vice President, Mrs. M. N. White, Secretary, Treasurer, Meeting Adjourned.


Parishioners of Saint Ann donate cash gifts of $31.50 to Father Walton, May 18,k 1947.