Saint Ann Catholic Church

Warsaw, Missouri

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Saint Ann, Past, Present and Future, by Lu Arrendondo Bowersox, November 16, 1996

I first started on the History of Saint Ann, here in Warsaw in early, 1993. Thinking it would take a couple of weeks, I eagerly took on the task. I soon found out that the weeks turned into months and not it is three years later and I am still at it.

During this time, Father Dennis would inquire and ask “How was my project coming along?” I would reply that I was still at it and then he would say, “We’ll get some ladies to help”.

I must confess, that if I had started with just putting everything in books, I could have moved faster, but no, I would get so involved in reading each and every thing in the materials, especially the minutes from the Alter Society. You see, I went back to the beginning of our church. Father Walton started the Altar Society in 1946. Before I knew it, another day was gone. I even felt that I knew some of these people in the early stages and marvel at the step by step I took with the early parishioners. Each priest played so important a part in the formation and growth of Saint Ann and worked hard to help bring our church into the present.

Two months ago, Father Dennis got very serious and told me to bring in the work I had done. Our no nonsense priest did indeed know that I was “dawdling” along. so here we are.

Two these ladies I extend my gratitude for their valuable assistance: Wilma Richter, Kathy Garcia, Rita Bright, Joe Sullivan and Dorothy Crane. Thank you ladies for your help in all of your efforts of tying together the history of Saint Ann to this present,, 1996.

It is a pleasure to finally say “Here It Is”.

Please enjoy this history as much a we have enjoyed compiling it for your enjoyment. Now it is your turn to walk through the yesterdays until today.

Please also look at the history of your church and know that it took so many people in doing God’s work. Each and every parishioner of Saint Ann partake of the history being made even as we speak.

My sincere prayer is that each person at this church continue to follow our course through word, deed and action, and that it is recorded in this library. It is so important that our future parishioners and descendants know that we, through example, are doing our best in striving toward the future of making Saint Ann Church the best ever in our quest for living our Lord’s work.

This step forward into a new and larger church is proof of our growth and dedication.

May Saint Ann continue to bless and guide us.

Lu Arrendondo Bowersox
November 16, 1996